Insight Company

WebDesign + SEO

Inisght Company Website

The Insight Company, a consultant working out of corporate development projects, needed to redesign your site so that it reflects the current situation of the company.

Our work began with an information architecture that has navigation and distribution of simple and organized content, allowing different types of content could gain prominence when necessary.

Inisght Company Website


We also identified four main areas of interest and create unique channels to house everything related to these topics content, highlighting what really matters to each audience.


Open courses, one of the company’s bosses cars gained prominence with a visible agenda and easy to explore.

Inisght Company Website

It was also created a system for the insight customers could make prices of training in company, requesting a custom quote only the content that it has an interest.

To complete a great job of SEO, allowing for better indexing of content in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

You can access the full site in

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