Festagram na PEGN

BY EletriQ

21 May 2014
Festagram na PEGN

Admen created the Festagram to seize potential of parties. Startup turns weddings guests, birthdays, graduations and corporate events in official photographers with real time printing and displaying the photos on the screen.


Friends since college days, Ricardo Lebre and Paulo Equi worked together in an advertising agency when they didn’t found a supplier who sought for a corporate event. In that time, March 2013, the duo needed to hire a service that pick up the images posted by guests on Instagram to print at real time.


Instead of simply complaining about the situation, the duo saw in the problem a business opportunity. Thus, gathered R$ 180 thousand and founded the Festagram, a company specialized in transforming the weddings guests, birthdays, graduations and corporate events in official photographers. “Instead of having only one angle, the hired photographer, event owners can enjoy pictures with your guests eyes in totally new way” says Lebre.


Everything is very simple. The party organizer chooses a hashtag (#) to be used by the guests whenever publish a photo of the event. In a wedding can be the bride and groom names: #RobertaELeonardo, for example. From there, the monitoring Festagram system capture all images, filters possible embarrassing photos and prints the best in high resolution with a custom frame.


According to Lebre, the printers are able to print a photo every 10 seconds, minimizing the risk of queuing. The service, offered nationwide, costs from R$ 2,500 for parties of up to 300 guests.


In the first year of life, Festagram earned $ 500,000 and this year the goal is to double that amount.



Source: Pequenas Empresas, Grandes Negócios Magazine