SP Urban 3rd Edition

BY EletriQ

01 November 2014
SP Urban 3rd Edition

The SP Urban, digital art’s festival that takes place on the facade of FIESP’s building, reaches its third edition. The video opening of the Festival, created by EletriQ, brings Optical-Art elements that cause the impression of movement in the building. You can check it out in this link.


From the 20 pm of November 7th, the people walking by Paulista Avenue can check in the pyramidal facade of the Fiesp building, the 3rd edition of SP Urban Digital Festival, open-air event that want to take creative projections in the public eye.


Using the different slope of the building, the video mappers will make a fusion of design elements with visual and rhythmic effects, bathing the gray silhouette with bright colors and plays with the lights to change perceptions about the building itself. The intense spectacle, three-dimensional and large-scale promises to leave the unsuspecting public flabbergasted.



Every new technology that arises, reinvents the digital art itself. To capture this pace, the new edition of the festival addresses the topic Digital Afterimage. Do you know that effect of recently viewed image that’s still remains on the retina when we close our eyes? It is exactly this moment of optical illusion that expression afterimage, or post image represents.


The digital festival is formed as a living organism in the midst of São Paulo’s urban setting, in which national and international artists proposes intrinsic reflections of the metropolis with its inhabitants and new interactive technologies. This year, the exhibition aims to speculate the future, a playful exercise on the ephemerality of advanced technologies, such as camera with Kinect motion sensor, which did not even exist five years ago and today is considered almost outdated.


MORE INFORMATION – www.spurban.com.br
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