When Technology meets Art

BY EletriQ

09 April 2015
When Technology meets Art

Here at EletriQ we just LOVE this mixture: Art + Tech. This two ingredients combined results on something we like to call “automagic” or as some of our clients would say: “a WOW effect” (followed by jaw-dropping-faces). As serious sci-fi fans we could not leave Sir Arthur Clarke famous 3rd law out of it:“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”


If you have no idea who he was please google “Clarke’s Three Laws”. You probably know some of his works, you just didn’t know the name of the guy. But, we are not here to talk about Sir Clarke we are here to talk about a young artist called Thomas Evans from Denver-CO.

Thomas is know as “Detour” (www.iamdetour.com) and recently he started to use some technology to make his painting more interactive. Instead of the general advice your mother used to tell you “DON’T TOUCH!” his new collection Art & Decibels is made to be played with.

It was not the first time that Detour tried to incorporate the universe of music on his paintings. All his works always had something to do with music, mixing vinyls, strings and pigments. The only problem before was the lack of power to amp a canvas. Now he is using the very same board that we are so used to play with at EletriQ. The result is the great work you can watch bellow played by a professional DJ:

A very tuff job for photographers since pictures do not yet carries sound but a incredible way of expression of the pop culture.

Did you like it? Have you got some ideas and need a partner hands-on to make ir work? Give us a call or write down, we are pretty good with electric paint and making that WOW effect you need for your brand.