Amazon Dash Button. The physical button that buys products online

BY EletriQ

02 April 2015
Amazon Dash Button. The physical button that buys products online

This week Amazon made a huge buzz by launching the Amazon Dash Button, a physical button that allows Amazon Prime Customers to buy products by pressing a button.

Imagine how many times you went to the market and forgot to buy the washing powder. Or how many times did you realized that your Gillette is running out after the old blade cut your face off?

The ideia is not all that new. The very first time that we heard about physical buttons that generate sales for a brand was the BakerTweet.

Created by the British agency Poke, the BakerTweet is basically an arduino that publish on twitter feed what was just fresh out of the oven from the bakery, back in 2009, about 6 years ago.

3 years later, Red Tomato, a local pizza joint in Dubai, launched a fridge-magnet that buys a Pizza Combo with your favourite flavour when it’s been pushed. In this case, as Amazon’s, you should be a regular customer who filled up your preferences.

Amazon itself has launched a “Dash Button a little more complex” and this background probably had influenced this new and simple way to buy those products.

– Off course they did.

This is the first time a big retailer brings to the brands the opportunity to put a button inside the customer’s home without having to develop theirs’ own technology or worry about delivering all the stuff or manage customer preferences etc.

With Amazon getting in the game, we will probably see an increase the IOT’s market for sure.

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