Microsoft Hololens. Spreading Holograms in the world

BY EletriQ

21 January 2015
Microsoft Hololens. Spreading Holograms in the world

Still not the Princess Leia asking for help to anyone in a nearby galaxy, after all, you still need to use a glasses (that looks like almost a helmet) to see the holograms, but Microsoft HoloLens looks extremely promising.


While Google, Apple, Samsung, Facebook (which bought Oculus VR last year) are surfing in the fashion wereables wave, the Microsoft company did not seem pay much attention into wearable technologies. Well, it just seemed.


Bringing the best of Oculus RFIT and Google Glass (which will have a small course correction) with the potential to interact with virtual objects with your own hands. Microsoft HoloLens has great potential. Not just for entertainment such as games or watch TV, but also for work, personal organization, social life and of course, incredible interactive applications.


The Hololens came from the Alex Kipman’s team, the inventor of Kinect. No need more presentations here. Well, enough of bullshit. With you: Microsoft HoloLen



If you have never experienced an augmented reality, there is no need to spend a fortune buying a sophisticated equipment. Google has a project called Google Cardboard that allows you to turn your android phone in immersive virtual reality glasses. It works on iPhone, but not like it should.


You can make yours using this guide, or buying everything you need over the internet with a couple of dolars.