[Infographic] Mobilegeddon

BY EletriQ

18 May 2015
[Infographic] Mobilegeddon




*Short notice: The infographic below is based on the Brazilian Mobile Usage. While some countries might have the same peculiar numbers, some others can get a totally different. This is why we haven’t translated it.


EletriQ has compiled all this data from many sources to illustrate the exponential growth of web access via smartphones / tablets. It’s all what you need to know to survive this MOBILEGEDDON.


The word MOBILEGEDDON may sound “too much” for some but it truly shows up how much mobile devices have become a central part of our lives.


If only the hits on your site was reason enough for you to have a mobile version of it, now that Google updated its search algorithm, not having it “mobile friendly” can cost you a drop of up to 60% in access.


If your company still does not have a digital strategy that includes mobiles and tablets, come talk to us. We can help you to harness your full potential on this mobile revolution.


Check out our infographic below:

Infográfico Apocalipse Mobile ou Mobilegeddon, mostra como o crescimento exponencial de smartphones e tablets está mudando as regras da audiência online no Brasil.